The subunits and their dynamic functions are as under listed.

  1. Academic Affairs, handles all issues revolving around Student Requests; Senate Matters; Student Data Management (controls and manages attendance, results, and student information database); and Transcript issuance.
  2. Admissions, coordinates all issues of admission; and attends to guiding policies. 
  3. Establishment has the core responsibility of processing recruitment of resourceful employees; training and retraining of Staff; ensuring up-to-date Staff records; and seeing to the general welfare of Staff from the point of entry to exit.
  4. Examinations and Records, handles all matters of examinations; certificate issuance; ID card issuance; and student records from admission to graduation.
  5. Legal, provides the University with requisite legal counsel and direction; in order to evade needless litigations.
  6. Purchasing is that arm of Registry which handles procurement of items for university use. The subunit also registers, interviews; and awards supplies to vendors.
  7. Stores, is vested with the responsibility of making requests for, and releasing office consumables to departments, directorates and units of the university
  8. Transport, is responsible for providing mobility for University administration. The Unit also maintains the University fleet; as well as advises Management on fueling schedules.