About Us

Brief About Registry
Landmark University Registry functions as the custodian of all University Records, Rules and Regulations. Other functions of the Registry include monitoring students’ academic and welfare development from matriculation to convocation, overseeing students’ admission process; superintending the University’s Human Resource Management process from the takeoff point of staff recruitment, to exit; as well as providing legal counsels to the University. Landmark University Registry likewise monitors the procurement and storage processes of the University; in addition to managing the University fleet. It is the administrative hub which gives “life” to the other administrative tributaries in the University.

Registry Sub-Units and Functions
Landmark University Registry is headed by the Registrar who is responsible to the Vice-Chancellor for the day-to-day administrative processes of the University.

The Office of the Registrar provides general administrative oversight functions; drives compliance with University Policies; and houses the University Senate’s Secretariat.

Complementing the Registrar’s Office are eight (8) sub-units which are headed by veteran administrators whose cognate experience come to bear in the discharge of their roles. These officers attend to their workload with professional dexterity, ensuring that the turnaround time on a specific work item does not go beyond twenty-four (24) hours.