Mission of the Registry

The Landmark University Registry delivers her duties diligently according to the University Core Values as encapsulated below:

  • To achieve smooth and progressive implementation of the goals and objectives of the University through dynamic and strategic planning of operational activities;
  • To provide an operational environment that fosters an interface between the multifarious processes involved in a knowledge factory;
  • To provide information at every operational level in order to facilitate the efficiency of all units;
  • To help foster an organizational culture that deploys latest technologies towards achieving higher efficiency;
  • To make the LMU Community buy fully into the Agricultural Revolution Mandate being championed by the University, by creating appropriate synergy between our Agriculture Teaching Endeavours and requisite practical experience;
  • To engender staff motivation towards achieving improved overall performance by providing fresh opportunities for enhanced understanding of the vision of LMU;
  • To improve on the culture of inclusion in decision making by creating multiplied avenues for deliberation and dissemination of policies ethics, ethos for the crystallization of the LMU culture;
  • To improve the University’s drive for students’ intake and admission process via:
    • Continuous evaluation of Admission Criteria,
    • Working on feedbacks from the intake experience,
    • Engagement of feedbacks from the Parents’ stakeholder Platform/Forum;
  • To assist in ensuring a prudent management of the resource and asset base of Landmark University through curbing of wastes in all its ramifications; and the proper channelling of resources in line with the aspirations of the Proprietor Base.