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The Units in Registry are categorized into four broad strands as detailed below:

The Academic Affairs Unit is headed by an Administrative Officer of the University referred to as the Academic Affairs Officer.

Generally, the Academic Affairs Unit is one of the Units which constitute the “backbone” of Registry. It is saddled with matters relating to University Senate, student requests, result and lecture attendance processing and confidential academic verification requests from the external context. Also, the Unit actively participates in academic ceremonies and preparation and conduct of Semester examinations. Landmark University operates a full boarding system, hence the need for the Unit to constantly monitor the number of students on Campus per time.

Academic Affairs Unit supervises the following Sub-Units:

      Senate Secretariat;
      Data Processing;
      Students’ Requests;
      Examinations and Records;

Academic Affairs Unit performs oversight functions over the administrative activities of Colleges and Departments of the University.

Senate Secretariat

Senate is the highest academic decision-making body in the University as empowered by the University Law and entrenched in the Academic Brief. In order to effectively regulate itself and treat issues with dispatch, it constitutes Committees one of which is the Senate Business Committee (SBC). SBC is one of the most powerful Committees of Senate to the extent that the submissions of other Committees must pass through it before consideration by Senate.

The administrative activities of both Senate and SBC are coordinated by the Senate Secretariat, headed by the Academic Affairs Officer on behalf of the Registrar. Senate Secretariat essentially takes the minutes of Senate and SBC Meetings, comes up with the necessary extracts for actions, monitors compliance rate and circulates reminders where required.

Data Processing

The University has a powerful central data processing base domiciled in Centre for Systems and Information Services (CSIS), which is another Unit in the University. However, in order to ensure easy accessibility of pertinent information, the Academic Affairs Unit maintains parallel but mini version of the database which deals with result processing and monitoring of students’ status. Result processing is a complex activity and extreme care must be taken to avoid errors. The existence of the mini database in Registry guarantees quality assurance of the results, as periodic checks are done by correlating the two databases. Also, this database is used to generate matriculation numbers and Matriculation Register for freshmen.

The Registry database is exclusively controlled and managed by the Academic Affairs Officer.

Students’ Requests

One of the most tasking Sub-Unit of the Academic Affairs Unit is the Students’ Requests Sub-Unit. Here, operations thrive on absolute knowledge of Senate decisions and the multifarious academic policies of the University. A wrong advice is capable of creating a precarious situation for the University, hence the need to make wide consultations before treating a student’s request. Few of the notable requests include the following:

  • » Change of name;
  • » Change of address;
  • » Change of program;
  • » Change of level (i.e. consideration to repeat);
  • » Late course registration;
  • » Complaints on results;
  • » Requests for re-marking of examination scripts;
  • » Requests for make-up examinations;
  • » Requests for deferment of academic studies;
  • » Withdrawal of studentship;
  • » Deferment of Studentship;
  • » Deferment of SIWES/NYSC mobilization;
  • » Resumption from suspension or deferment;
  • » Requests for unofficial and official transcripts;
  • » Request for refund of fees et cetera.

The Sub-Unit is headed by an Administrative Officer of the University.

Examinations & Records

This Sub-Unit monitors the preparation and conduct of all University examinations ranging from Post-JAMB, Mid-Semester and Semester examinations. This is done by monitoring examination clearance, examination materials, invigilation, orderliness and compliance to rules,work in concert with Data Processing Sub-Unit to facilitate processing, upload and publication of results and processing of students’ results complaints.

Students’ history, from matriculation to convocation and beyond is managed by Registry. Examinations and Records achievethis by collating and keeping students’ records in personal files, keeping examination records, scripts, notification of results, transcript and certificate processing.

Examinations and Records Unit is headed by an Administrative Officer of the University.


This Unit handles activities relating to students’ enrolment into the University only at undergraduate level as follows: 

  • » Updating programs and criteria with JAMB,
  • » Establishing yearly admission quota and criteria for doing so,
  • » Prepare and publish admission advertisement,
  • » Coordinate sales of admission application forms,
  • » Conduct entrance screening,
  • » Conduct admission selection,
  • » Send recommended list of admitted students to JAMB and release list of admitted students;
  • » Production of Admission Notifications and Letters,
  • » Monitoring of admission acceptance and resumption of freshmen,
  • » Verification of ‘O’ level results,
  • » Authentication of Basic Requirement Qualification (BRQ) and;
  • » Production of matriculation list. 

The Admissions Unit is headed by an Administrative Officer of the University referred to as the Admission Officer.

The Establishment Unit of Registry is headed by a Principal Assistant Registrar (PAR) of the University referred to as the Establishment Officer.

There are fundamental requirements designed towards attainment of organisational goalsand objectives, these are often referred to as factors of production. Manpower has been adjudged the most potent and indispensable of all factors of production due to its intellectual capacity and reasoning ability to manage and control other factors. Peradventure, an incompetent person is engaged to undertake a specific task it may hinder the process of realising the identified corporate goal. The Establishment Unit ensures that “a round peg is put in a round hole” i.e. employing capable or skilful hands to fill the Staff needs of the University. The Unit has the core responsibility of process recruitment of resourceful employees, train and retrain Staff, ensure up-to-date Staff records and see to the general welfare of Staff from the point of entry to exit.

The Unit has the following Sub-Units:

  1. Recruitment;
  2. Staff Development, Training & Welfare;
  3. Record


This Sub-Unit ensures that recruitment is done based on the staffing numbers, skills and needs required to meet the University’s objectives. The prospective Staff’s skills and qualities required for a particular job are analyzed accordingly. Other responsibilities of the Sub-Unit among others include the following: 

  • » Create job positions;
  • » Create job descriptions;
  • » Compilation of staff needs & analysis;
  • » Declaration of vacancies;
  • » Assessment of applications;
  • » Administer selection tests;
  • » Collation and monitoring applications;
  • » Approval for employment;
  • » Processing of letters of employment;
  • » Manage strategy and recruitment policies.

Recruitment Sub-Unit is headed by an Administrative Officer of the University.

Staff Development, Training and Welfare

Once a Staff is taken on board by the Recruitment Sub-Unit, his/her welfare becomes the responsibility of the Staff Development, Training and Welfare Sub-Unit. The functions of this Sub-Unit include:

  • » Leave administration;
  • » Processing confirmation of appointment and promotion;
  • » Staff development;
  • » Collate and plan training needs;
  • » Preparation and coordination of staff induction programmes;
  • » Monitoring of staff status. 

Staff Development, Training & Welfare Sub-Unit is headed by an Administrative Officer of the University.


Record is another Sub-Unit under Establishment saddled with the responsibility of gathering Staff data and ensures they are processed and updated both in hard and soft copies accordingly. The Staff data includes Bio-Data, Educational and Experience Backgrounds, Extra Curricular Activities etc. Also, the Sub-Unit takes into cognizance the daily routine of all existing Staff such as approved leaves, conference proceedings, Staff resumption date, effective date of exit (resignation) etc.

Record Sub-Unit is headed by an Administrative Officer of the University referred to as the Record Officer.

CPA Unit is headed by a Senior Assistant Registrar of the University.As the image builder and information window of Landmark University, to both its internal and external publics, CPA is strategically involved in all the University’s strides towards becoming an institution of global relevance. CPA has the responsibility of charting proactive corporate pathways, which will build and sustain internal and external surge of goodwill for the University.

The major Sub-Units in CPA are:

    1. Media & Public Relations Services
    2. Protocol & Event Services
    3. Graphic & Concept Services
    4. Multimedia and Studio Services

Media & Public Relations Services

CPA maintains a good interface with the mass media to ensure positive commentary and reportage of the University in the media. It is expected that all University’s activities and events are to receive adequate coverage and reportage by the mainstream media, both electronic and print. These are to be made possible through proactive press releases, feature stories, press invitations to university events, media interviews, supplements, documentaries etc.

Media and Public Relations Sub-Unit is headed by a Media Officer of the University.

Protocol & Event Services

CPA is solely in charge of protocol, hospitality and event management, especially in the areas of preparation of venues for University events, receiving of University guests and taking care of Professorial Assessors, Accreditation Teams etc. as well as packaging and presentation of gifts to these august visitors.

Protocol and Event Services Sub-Unit is headed by an Administrative Officer of the University.

Graphic & Concept Services

At every University event, CPA has the onerous task of conceptualizing and implementing good strategic communication plans that market the event and project what God is doing at the University. The strategic communication plans often find expression in designing and printing of banners, posters, advertisements, handbills, stickers, publications, book covers brochures, birthday/appreciation/invitation cards, certificates etc.

Graphics and Concept Services Sub-Unit is headed by a Graphic Artist.

Multimedia & Studio Services

CPA, through its studio/multimedia arm, provides studio services and multimedia coverage of all University events, in addition to powering the lecture halls with multimedia facilities. This is done in concert with Centre for Systems and Information Services (CSIS).

Multimedia and Studio Services Sub-Unit is supervised by the Media Officer, in conjunction with CSIS.

There is a Central Store under the Registry that oversees the disbursement of materials to various Units and Departments of the University.

The Central Store is headed by an Administrative Officer of the University referred to as the Store Officer.

The Unit is a subset of the General Administration Division of Registry vested with the responsibility of providing mobility for the University administration and ensures that work in the various administrative organs of the University are carried out with dispatch by providing transportation as at when required. The Unit also maintains the University vehicles and advises Management on fueling schedules. The Transport Officer works in concert with the Transport Committee of the University and serves as Secretary to the Committee.

The Transport Unit is headed by an Administrative Officer of the University referred to as the Transport Officer

There is a Purchasing Unit under the Registry that works hand in hand with the Central Purchasing Committee of the University in the procurement of basic materials needed by the different Units and Departments of the University.

The Unit, through the Central Purchasing Committee of the University, coordinates all procurements for the different Units and Departments of the University. The Committee is made up of representations from Departments and Colleges in the University, while the Purchasing Officer serves as the Secretary.

The Purchasing Unit is headed by an Administrative Officer of the University referred to as the Purchasing Officer.

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