To create the right administrative ambience for the tenacious Pursuit of the Core Mandate of LMU as a University aspiring to becoming “a leading world class university, by spearheading an agrarian revolution on the African continent through the exploration of hidden treasures in the mother-earth thereby restoring the dignity of the Black Race”.


The Mission of the Registry is encapsulated in the followings:

  • » Achieve a smooth and progressive implementation of the goals and objectives of the University through dynamic and strategic planning of operational activities.
  • » Provide an operational environment that fosters the interplay and the interface between the multifarious processes involved in a knowledge factory.
  • » Provide information at every operational level to facilitate productive efficiency of all units.
  • » Help to foster an organizational culture that deploys latest technologies that will minimizes supervisory overhang, i.e. a culture where everyone is encouraged and empowered to do his or her best.
  • » Making the LMU Community buy fully into the Agricultural Revolution mandate being championed by the University, by creating appropriate synergy between our Agriculture Teaching Endeavours and requisite practical experience. 
  • » Improvement in Staff Motivation towards achieving improved overall Performance of support services base of the university by providing fresh opportunities for improved understanding of the vision of LMU
  • » Improve on the culture of inclusion through multiplied avenues for deliberation and dissemination of policies ethics, ethos for the crystallization of the LMU culture
  • » Improved Drive for Students’ Intake and Admission Process
  • Continuous evaluation of Admission criteria
  • Work on the feedback from the intake experience
  • Engagement of the feedback from the Parents’ stakeholder Platform/Forum
  • » Assisting in ensuring a Prudent Management of the Resource and Asset Base of LMU through curbing of wastes in all its ramifications and the proper channelling of Resources in line with the aspirations of the Proprietors Platform.

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